In cooperation with the OSCE Academy, the DAAD in Kyrgyzstan is holding a research symposium.

Date: 1 and 2 October 2021
Topic: From the Global to the Local
Regional and Local Developments in Central Asia

Prof Anja Mihr
A good research design is the foundation for good science, and international collaboration is the architecture we all benefit from.

Anja Mihr

At this symposium, German researchers and academics will present their research findings in the fields of political science and peace and conflict research, while colleagues from the region discuss their findings from interdisciplinary research projects. Designed to offer a platform for lively academic and intercultural exchange, the symposium is open to all interested parties who currently conduct research in this field or aim to do so in the future, and of course also to anyone who would like to participate because they are interested in the subject.
Please note that the conference will be held in English.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register to attend the conference in person.

But you are welcome to join online via Zoom, even without registering.


Meeting ID: 814 6340 4310
Passcode: 371623


Meeting ID: 992 9954 6665
Passcode: 098861

Further information

1 October 2021, Park Hotel (ul. Orozbekova 87)
2 October 2021, OSCE Academy (per. Botanichesky 1A)

You can download the programme here (pdf, 309.55 KB).